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    Chemical recovery of scidified Bohemian lakes between 1984 and 2012: the role of acid deposition and bark beetle induced forest disturbance
    Daphnia resting eggs in the sediment of Bohemian Forest lakes : an evidence for sediment disturbance
    Evaluation of the seam number XVIII mining in the area of mine Dukla, north from the 2nd transversal tectonic disturbance
    Global ellipsoid-referenced topographic, bathymetric and stripping corrections to gravity disturbance
    Landscape gradients and patchiness in riparian vegetation on a Middle Pennsylvanian braided-river plain prone to flood disturbance (Nýřany Member, Central and Western Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic)
    Slope movements and floods as the disturbance agents increasing heterogenity and biodiversity of landscape: an example from central and eastern Moravia
    Slope movements as a disturbance agent increasing heterogeneity and bidiversity of landscape in Eastern Moravia