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    Barium-rich micas and manganoan sphalerite in sulphide-bearing dolomite marble from Rožná uranium deposit, Czech Republic: An example of Ba and Mn partitioning during regional metamorphism
    Birnessit, kaolinit a opál z Bozkovských dolomitových jeskyní. [Birnesit, Kaolinite and Opal from Bozkov Dolomite caves]
    Dolomite marbles at contact of the Moldanubikum and Moravicum in the area between Jasenice and Oslavany
    Experimentally shocked dolomite - a Raman spectroscopic study
    The HT/LP metamorphism of dolomite marbles; an indication of a heat source in the area of the Třebíč Massif
    The HT/LP metamorphism of dolomite marbles in the eastern part of the Moldanubicum; a manifestation of heat flow related to the Třebíč Durbachite Massif
    Locality No.8 - Chýnov near Tábor : Mica-rich rock with Cr-bearing muscovite and accesory Cr-bearing dravite, dravite veinlets in dolomite - Tourmlaine minerals: dravite, Cr-bearing dravite
    Low-temperature non-biogenetic synthesis of dolomite
    Mineralogical investigations of experimentally shocked dolomite: Implications for the outgassing of carbonates
    Origin of the dolomite mineralization from a pegmatite dike at Horni Bory, Moldanubicum, Czech Republic
    Rare earth elements and yttrium geochemistry of dolomite from post-Variscan vein-type mineralization of the Nízký Jeseník and Upper Silesian Basins, Czech Republic
    Shock-loaded dolomite - An X-ray powder diffraction study
    Shock-loaded dolomite - An X-ray powder diffraction study
    Variability of copper mineralization in the Boundary Dolomite (Zechstein), Foresudetic Monocline, SW Poland: a statistical evaluation
    X-ray powder diffraction study of experimentally shocked dolomite