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    Extreme ductility of feldspar aggregates - Melt enhanced grain boundary sliding and creep failure: Rheological implications for felsic lower crust
    Melt enhanced deformation and development of banded structures in Gfoehl migmatites
    Modeling the feasibility of gas-water or gas-oil contact control by microgravity monitoring during enhanced oil recovery
    Morphological deviations in planktonic Foraminifera as a reaction to enhanced environmental stress: opportunities and problems
    Prasinophyte bloom and intense micritization as evidence for enhanced nutrient load during Basal Choteč Event-preliminary report
    Prasinophyte bloom and intense micritization as evidences for enhanced nutriet load during Basal Choteč Event - a preliminary report
    A review of some methods for determining the in situ stress state from observations of borehole failure with applications to borehole stability and enhanced production in the North Sea
    Small scale earthquake mechanisms induced by fluid injection at the enhanced geothermal system reservoir Soultz (Alsace) in 2003 using alternative source models