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    Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 1997
    Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 2004
    MPES 2005 and CAMI 2005. Proceedings of the fourteenth international symposium on mine planning and equipment selection (MPES 2005) and fifth international conference on computer applications in the minerals industries (CAMI 2005)
    Comparison of the measurement of changes of the ultrasonic wave velocity in the process of deformation for different types of equipment
    Discrimination of zeolites and beryllium containing silicates using portable Raman spectroscometric equipment with near-infrared excitation
    FH-1. Equipment for in-situ permeability measurements
    High pressure equipment for the study of elastic anisotro on rocks
    High pressure equipment for the study of elastic anisotropy on rocks
    Laboratory equipment for study of elastic anisotropy on solids
    The microprocessor seismic equipment
    Mine Planning and Equipment Selection
    Test of a mobile digital seismoacoustic equipment PATE in the environment of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field