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    CAD - FEM Users'Meeting 93
    3D structured meshes for the FEM
    Aggregation-Based Multilevel Preconditioning of Non-conforming FEM Elasticity Problems
    Algorithms for parallel FEM modelling of thermo-mechanical phenomena arising from the disposal of the spent nuclear fuel
    Application of hierarchical decomposition: Preconditioners and error estimates for conforming and nonconforming FEM
    Composite plantes for osteosynthesis of long bones-comparison of experimental and fem results
    Computer Implementation of μ FEM
    Coupled modelling of shear damage in subsoil using FEM and Finite Diferrencies
    Generator of 2D and 3D structured meshes for FEM
    Generator of 2D and 3D structured meshes for FEM
    Large scale parallel FEM computations of far/near stress field changes in rocks
    Micromechanics of geocomposites: CT images and FEM simulations
    Parallel Processing of High Resolution FEM Systems in Micromechanics
    The Quality of Meshes and FEM Computations
    Response to Comment on Preconditioning of matrices partitioned in 2 2 block form: Eigenvalue estimates and Schwarz DD for mixed FEM
    Uniform estimate of the constant in the strengthened CBS inequality for anisotropic non-conforming FEM systems