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    Continental collision and the tectono-sedimentary evolution of forelands
    Continental collision and the tectono-sedimentary evolution of forelands. EGU Stephan Mueller special publication series , vol. 1
    Continental collision and the tectonosedimentary evolution of forelands
    Foreword ; Continental Collision and the Tectonosedimentary Evolution of Forelands: Mechanics of Coupling and far-field Deformation (Un)Coupled, August 31-September 2, 2000, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Abstract volume
    Hydrocarbon habitat of the Paleogene Nesvačilka Trough, Carpathian foreland basin, Czech Republic : Peri-Tethys Memoir 2: Structure and Prospects of Alpine Basins and Forelands
    Late Carboniferous tectono-sedimentary evolution and related terrestrial biotic changes on the North Variscan and Appalachian forelands, and adjacent paralic and continental basins