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    Final Programme & Abstract Book and CD ROM (full paper). 14th International Congress of Speleology, 21.-28. August 2005. Athens-Kalamos
    Computation of full waveform moment tensors in a very heterogeneous mining environment
    Convergence-confinement method for simulating NATM tunnels evaluated by comparison with full 3D simulations
    Crystal structure of UO2SO4.2.5H2O: Full anisotropic refinement and vibration characteristics
    Determination of full moment tensors of microseismic events in a very heterogeneous mining environment
    Evaluation of full seismic moment tensor from isotropic, LCVD and double-couple components
    Finite Diffrence Schemes Adaption for Full Wave Equation Migration
    MEPL2 - interactive-batch tool for full seismic MT plotting
    ZDS - a computer program for full analysis of X-ray powder diffraction patterns