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    Humic substances in the global environment and implications on human health
    Selected papers from the Eleventh International humic substances society conference, Boston MA, USA, 2002
    Are recent karst processes influenced by soil humic substances?
    Clay minerals - humic acid systems: Cu(II) sorption studied by means of modified electrodes
    Clay Minerals - humic acid systems:Cu(II) sorption studied by means of modified electrodes
    Humic Acids Interactions with Metal Salts Incorporated into the Carbon Paste Electrode
    Humic acids quality of Cambisols developed on gneiss and amphibolite
    Humic Acids sorption onto the clay minerals: influences on the clays-metals interactions
    Isolation and characterization of coal derived humic acids
    The komplexation of mercury by humic acids
    New insights into aggregation and conformational behaviour of humic substances: application of high resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy
    Production and utilization of humic substances in Humeco JSC
    Removal of heavy metals from waste waters by humic materials
    The role of reactive surface sites and complexation by humic acids in the interaction of clay mineral and iron oxide particles
    Some Specific Geochemical Properties of Humic Fulvo- and Aminoacids in Relation to Black Shale
    Sorbents of Toxic Metals and Radionuclides Based on Immobilized Humic Acid and Chitosan
    Sorption of metal ions on lignite and the derived humic substances