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    Assumed Quaternary maar structure at the Czech/German border between Mýtina and Neualbenreuth (western Eger Rift, Central Europe): geophysical, petrochemical and geochronological indications
    Fossil river valleys - geophysical indications and geological signification
    Gamma spectrometric and magnetosusceptibility logs from the Frasnian platform limestones (Moravia): indications of their large correlation potential
    How the state of stress varies in the Wadati-Benioff zone: indications from focal mechanisms in the Wadati-Benioff zone beneath Sumatra and Java
    Indications for a successively triggered rupture growth underlying the 2000 earthquake swarm in Vogtland/NW Bohemia
    Indications of a major Neolithic trade route? An archaeometric geochemical and Sr, Pb isotope study on amphibolitic raw material from present day Europe
    Indications of Early Carboniferous events in Palaeozoic sequences of Moravia, Czechoslovakia
    Indications of Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in the Nový Kostel Focal Area
    Indications of the Late Carboniferous eustatic and climatic oscillations in the Upper Silesian Basin
    Isotopic and geochemical indications of a drainless sulphate lake in the Permo-Carboniferous of the Krkonoše-piedmont Basin
    Magnetic anisotropy indications of deformations associated with diagenesis
    Magnetic anisotropy indications of deformations associated with diagenesis
    Morphological expressions of the Hronov-Poříčí Fault zone (West Sudeten) and geophysical indications of individual faults
    Non-seismological indications of recent tectonic activity in the West Bohemia earthquake swarm region
    The Saxonian Granulite Massif (Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Bohemian Massif): Indications for the crustal evolution of the Central European Variscides from U-Pb-LA-SF-ICP-MS zircon ages
    Some indications of crustal dynamics in the Ohře Rift region
    Stress indications in the Bohemian Massif reinterpretation of borehole televiewer data
    A tectonic model for the Eastern Variscides: indications from a chemical study of amphibolites in the South-Eastern Bohemian Massif