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    Geology of Iraq
    Alerations of carbonate sequences caused by descending meteoritic water: western and southwestern Iraq
    Contibution to the origin of the Duri-Serguza Pyrite-Lead-Zinc Deposit, Iraq
    Geochemical soil survey in the Western Desert of Iraq
    Geology and petrology of sediments of the Western Desert area, Iraq
    Geology of Cretaceons formations in the Rutbah area, Western Desert, Iraq
    New information on biostratigraphy of the Western Desert sediments, Iraq
    Palynological investigation of the Late Paleozoic deposits from borehole K 5-2 at Rutba in the Western desert of Iraq
    Petrology of the sediments in the Qulqula zone, its basement and foreland, Northeastern Iraq
    Quartz geodes of the western desrt, Iraq
    Report on radiocarbon dating of the sample from Tel Es-Sawnah (Iraq)
    The terrace system of the Tigris river in NE Iraq
    Trace fossils from the Gaara Depression (Iraq)
    Upper Permian Ammonoidea from Kurdistan, NE Iraq
    J. geol. Soc. Iraq