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    Iterative Methods, Preconditioning and Numerical PDEs
    Iterative Methods, Preconditioning and Numerical PDEs. Proceedings of the conference dedicated to the jubilee of Owe Axelsson
    Challenging applications of iterative solvers in geotechnics
    A comparison of iterative methods to solve complex valued linear algebraic systems
    Composite Grid finite element method: implementation and iterative solution with inexact subproblems
    Iterative Displacement Decomposition Solvers for HPC in Geomechanics
    Iterative joint inversion for stress and fault orientations from focal mechanisms
    Iterative methods for composite grid finite element analysis
    Iterative methods, preconditionning and numerical PDEs (IMET 2004). Preface
    Iterative solution of singular systems with applications
    Iterative solution of singular systems with applications
    Large Scale modelling in geomechanics: elasticity, thermo-elasticity and iterative solvers
    Multi-level iterative methods and the strengthened CBS inequality
    Multiscale modelling of geomatrials and iterative solvers
    Parallel High-Performance Computing in Geomechanics with Inner/Outer Iterative Procedures
    Solution of the 1.2/2-D Inverse Gravity Problem Using Different Nonlinear Iterative Formulas