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    Break-up of modulated water jets: CFD simulation and experiment
    Chaotic behaviour of high pressure water jets
    Concrete repair and cutting using pulsating water jets
    Laboratory research on disintegration of concretes exposed to high temperature by water jets
    The measurement of the non - setting parameters of the high pressure water jets
    Modulated jets for ornamental stone cutting
    Modulated vs. continuous jets: Performance comparison
    Ornamental stone surface treatment by pulsating water jets
    Possibilities of utilization of modulated jets in rock cutting
    Potential of ultrasonically Modulated Pulsed Water Jets for Cutting of Metals
    Preparation of Concrete Substrates for Repair by Pulsating Water Jets
    Preweakening of hard rocks with ultrasonicaly generated pulsed water jets
    Pulsating water jets
    Pulsating water jets: a tool for dimension stone cutting
    Quality of bottom surface of kerfs produced by modulated jets
    Removal of concrete surface layers by pulsating water jets
    Research and development of pulsating water jets
    Research on concrete disintegration using pulsating water jets
    Research on effects of pulsating water jets on concrete
    Research on pulsating water jets
    Rock cutting by pulsing water jets
    Rock quarrying and related mining applications of liquid jets
    A study of high pressure water jets behaviour
    Testing of fan jet nozzles for pulsating jets generation
    Testing of pulsating jets in a granodiorite quarry
    Ultrasonic modulation of high-speed water jets
    Ultrasonically modulated pulsed jets: basic study
    Ultrasonically Modulated Pulsed Water Jets: Effect of Frequency on Performance
    Ultrasonically modulated pulsed water jets: Effect of frequency on performance
    Utilization of Potential of Pulsating Jets for Removal of Concrete Layers
    Water jets in dimension stone cutting and surface treatment