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    Birnessit, kaolinit a opál z Bozkovských dolomitových jeskyní. [Birnesit, Kaolinite and Opal from Bozkov Dolomite caves]
    The changes of lattice parameters during the dehydroxylation of kaolinite
    Determining the rate constant ok kaolinite dehydroxylation
    Experimental Reference Intensity Ratios of Various Kaolinite Forms
    Experimental Reference Intensity Ratios of Various Kaolinite Forms
    Experimental reference intensity ratios of various kaolinite forms
    Experimental Reference Intensity Ratios ofVarious Kaolinite Forms
    High-temperature growth of anatase on kaolinite substrate
    Kaolinite and its influence on the physical and mechanical properties of Cretaceous sandstones used as building and decorative stones
    Kaolinite in the clays of the Most lignite basin
    Morphology of kaolinite weathered from a nonfeldspathic mica-phyllite
    New X-ray Rietveld Refinement of Kaolinite from Keokuk, Iowa
    Pore-size distribution in high-temperature products of the reaction between kaolinite and aluminium hydroxide
    Thermal decomposition of kaolinite with additions of Mn, Fe, Ni and Co oxides