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    Cenozoic paleotemperatures and leaf physiognomy - A European perspective
    European Tertiary Fagaceae with chinquapin-like foliage and leaf epidermal characteristics
    FTIR-derived charcteristics of fossil-gymnosperm leaf remains of Cordaites principalis and Cordaites borassifolius (Pennsylvanian Maritimes Canada and Czech Republic)
    The influence of leaf accumulations on the function of step-pool systems in mountain streams
    Leaf and fruit compresions from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    Leaf and fruit compressions from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    Leaf cuticles from the Pennsylvanian-aged medullosalean Odontopteris cantabrica
    Neogene leaf morphotaxa of Malvaceae s.l. in Europe
    New leaf floras in the neogene of Greece
    An Oligocene leaf assemblage from Csolnok, Dorog Basin, N Hungary
    The Pliocene leaf flora of Auenheim, Northern Alsace (France)