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    The comparison of pollutant concentrations in liquid falling and deposited precipitation, and throughfall
    Comparison of pollutant concentrations in solid and liquid deposited precipitations at the Milesovka Mt
    Contribution to the metodology of sampling and storage of natural liquid samples
    Determination of radon exhalation rate using liquid scintillators
    Diagnostics of the high-velocity liquid jet structure
    Experimental Modelling of the Trace Elements Distribution between the Particulate and Liquid Phases of the Run-off
    High energy liquid jet assistance of Rock cutting process
    High energy liquid jet use for producing of coal powder
    Liquidus equilibria in the system K2O-Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-F2O-1-H2O to 100 MPa. I, Silicate-fluoride liquid immiscibility in anhydrous systems
    Modelling of a Brittle Particle exposed to the High Energy Liquid Jet Action
    Peridotite liquid trapped within foidite magma in the Železná hůrka quaternary volcano (Czech Republic)
    Phase formation during liquid phase sintering of ZnO ceramics
    Physical Analysis of the Energy balance of the high energy liquid jet collision with brittle non-homogeneous
    Physical Model of a High Energy Liquid Jet for Cutting Rock
    Physical Study of a High Energy Liquid Jet as a Milling Tool
    Production of Liquid Fuels by Coprocessing of Coal/Oil Mixtures
    Pulsed liquid jet generated by pulse multiplication technique
    Rock quarrying and related mining applications of liquid jets
    Using of a high pressure liquid to the material machining