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    3D velocity distribution of P- and S-waves in a biotite gneiss, measured in oil as the pressure medium: Comparison with velocity measurements in a multi-anvil pressure apparatus and with texture-based calculated data
    Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of rocks measured in variable weak magnetic fields using the KLY-4S Kappabridge
    Comparison of calculated and measured soil-gas radon concetration and radon exhalation rate
    Comparison of supposed and measured subsidence in mining area
    Data logger for measured data from boreholes
    Theinfluence of geological bedrock on the soil gas and indoor radon concentrations measured on Quaternary sediments - first statistical approach
    Input-output budgets measured in a national network of small catchments
    Low-field variation of magnetic susceptibility measured by the KLY-4S Kappabridge and KLF-4A Magnetic Susceptibility Meter: accuracy and interpretational programme
    Mass balances in Prague solid aerosols as measured by pixe
    Measured versus simulated transients of temperature logs - a test of borehole climatology
    Reconstruction of the spring temperatures in the 18th century based on the measured lengths of grapevine sprouts
    Reconstruction of the spring temperatures in the 18th century from measured lengths of grapevine sprouts
    Restoration and preprocessing of physical profiles from measured data
    Seismological Experiment in Stonava Area: Evaluation of Validity of Measured Data
    Statistical Properties of Seismic Noise Measured in Underground Spaces During Seismic Swarm
    Technical Note: Evaluation of between-sample memory effects in the analysis of ?2H and ?18O of water samples measured by laser spectroscopes