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    The Behaviour of Radon in the Underground of the Radioactive Waste Repository of Richard; Remedial Measures to Reduce Doses to Workers
    Cannibalisation of coal measures in the Forest of Dean coalfield, UK: Implication for the geology of the source region
    Chemical composition of the sulphides accompanying coal measures in the Kladno coal district, Central Bohemia
    Consequences of incorrect design and unqualified realization on reliability and effectiveness of radon reduction measures
    Cracking, piping and remedial measures
    Determination of cuttability of coal measures rocks using their mineralogical and petrographical analyses
    Experience with the Czech approach to preventive measures against radon - analysis of failures
    The monitoring of slow-moving landslides and assessment of stabilisation measures using an optical-mechanical crack gauge
    Radon protective and remedial measures in the Czech Republic
    A redescription of two eophrynids (Arachnida: Trigonotarbida) from the Coal Measures (Carboniferous) of Ostrava, Czech Republic
    Rock Bursts in the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Basin when mining the seams under thick barren measures
    Transfer factor and ineffective measures against radon