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    Earthquake source parameters and their confidence regions by a genetic algorithm with a "memory"
    Energy of selected events of 1985/86 West-Bohemian earthquake swarm. Dedicated to the memory of professor Karel Pěč
    Geomorphological and stratigraphic problems of loess series in Modřice near Brno (s. Moravia) : dedicated to the memory of Prof. Dr. Ing. Josef Pelíšek, DrSc. (1909-1993), soil scientist and one of founders of the New Age Czech Quaternary Geology
    In memory of Jaroslav Aichler
    In memory of Miloš Rakús
    In memory of the 70th Birthday of Vladimír Pokorný (*12.6.1922, +21.7.1989)
    In memory of Václav Houša
    Long memory of mantle lithosphere fabric - European LAB constrained from seismic anisotropy
    Long memory of mantle lithosphere fabric - LAB constraints from seismic anisotropy
    Martensitic Transformation in Co-Based Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy
    North Bohemian volcanics as lifelong love - In memory of Lubomír Kopecký
    Paleogeothermal gradient in the Boskovice furrow. Dedicated to the memory of professor Karel Pěč
    Point source mechanism by a simple genetic algorithm complemented with a "memory"
    Relief and its memory: Minute forms in sandstone surfaces
    Stress memory effect of borehole amphibolites?
    Technical Note: Evaluation of between-sample memory effects in the analysis of ?2H and ?18O of water samples measured by laser spectroscopes