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    Chemical changes in mesophase pitch by heat treatment
    Effect of anthracene thermal exposure on mesophase properties
    Effect of chlorides in coal charges on resultant coal tar mesophase properties
    Effect of Chlorides in Coal Charges on Resultant Properties of Tar Mesophase
    Evaluation of mesophase properties by microscopy, thermal analysis and FT-IR spectroscopy
    Influence of Chemical Changes of the Isotropic Matrix on Physical Properties of Mesophase Pitch
    Interpretation of Thermal Mesophase in Vanadiferous Bitumens from Upper Proterozoic Lawa Flows (Mítov, Czechoslovakia)
    Mesophase properties after anthracene thermal exposure
    Properties of Polyaromatic Mesophase Assumed as a Molecular Complex
    Relation between texture and rheological properties of mesophase pitch
    Study of the porosity of mesophase and its carbonization products