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    Provenance determination of marbles: a methodology based on a complex analytical approach
    The 1855 Visp (Switzerland) earthquake: a milestone in macroseismic methodology?
    Application methodology of mathematical modelling for evaluation of groundwater resources
    Contribution to the methodology for reserves estimations of highly variable ore mineralizations
    Contribution to the methodology of climatic regionalization of the Czech Republic
    A Contribution to the Methodology of Magnetostratigraphic Studies of Strongly Remagnetized Lower Permian Rocks, Bohemian Massif
    Cutting efficiency of partners abrasives according to UGN methodology
    Determination of source areas of natural stones: a methodology approach applied to impure crystalline limestones
    Evaluation of load on structures caused by mining seismicity for maps of clash of opinions - methodology
    How much can we trust some moment tensors or an attempt of seismic moment error estimation - 2. data reinterpretation, methodology improvement
    How much can we trust some moment tensors or an attempt of seismic moment error estimation - 2 data reinterpretation, methodology improvement
    Methodology of analytical study for provenance determination of calcitic, calcite-dolomitic and impure marbles from historical quarries in the Czech Republic
    Methodology of Determination of Cutting Efficiency of Abrasive Materials in Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
    Methodology of determination of cutting efficiency of abrasive materials in abrasive water jet cutting
    Methodology of evaluation of nozzle for high - speed water jet generation
    Methodology of geophysical investigations in the area of the Jeseníky Mts.
    Methodology of historical and recent pottery technological processes examination
    Methodology of measuring seismoacoustic emission by the measuring apparatus MDSA in the underground coal mines of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    Nitrogen isotopic evolution of carbonaceous matter during metamorphism : methodology and preliminary results
    Relief assessment methodology with respect to geoheritage based on example of the Deblínská vrchovina Highland
    Subject and methodology of dynamic engineering geology
    To the methodology of the tracing test and evaluation of results