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    Contribution to microbiostratigraphy of Middle Triassic of Central Eubea (Greece)
    Foraminifers and detailed microbiostratigraphy if the boundary beds of the lower cretaceous stages in the Tunisian Atlas
    Foraminifers and microbiostratigraphy of Central-Carpathian Paleogene of Bánovská kotlina depression
    Integrated microbiostratigraphy in the Maastrichtian to Paleocene distal-flysch sediments of the Uzgruň section (Rača unit, Carpathian flysch, Czech Republic)
    Integrated microbiostratigraphy of the Albanian to basal Santonian and its problems
    Microbiostratigraphy of the Jizera and Teplice Formations (Late Turonian, Boreal development) in the Úpohlavy quarry, Bohemian Cretaceous basin
    Microfacies and microbiostratigraphy of the Oxfordian-Lower Kimmeridgian, on the basis of cadosinids and stomiosphaerids in the Czestochova region of Poland
    Remarks on Coniacian microbiostratigraphy in the Tethyan and Boreal realms
    Remarks on Turonian microbiostratigraphy in the Tethyan and Boreal realms
    The Triassic foraminifera microbiostratigraphy ot the Carpathian-Balkan and Hellenic realm