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    Meeting Program and Abstracts. 1st International Conference on North Gondwanan Mid-Palaeozoic Biodynamics
    North Gondwanan Mid-Palaeozoic Bioevent/Biogeography Patterns in Relation to Crustal Dynamics
    Hi-res correlation and dating of Mid-Palaeozoic sedimentary sequences of Peri-Gondwana using integrated biostratigraphy and chemo-physical methods - an insight to the Lochkovian
    Palynological zonation of Mid-Palaeozoic sequences from the Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain: implications for inter-regional and interfacies correlation of the Ludford/Přídolí and Silurian/Devonian boundaries, and plant dispersal patterns
    Strength, timing, setting and cause of mid-Palaeozoic extinctions
    The Superfamily Primitiopsacea SWARTZ, 1936. Family Primitiopsidae SWARTZ, 1936. Mid-Palaeozoic genera, cont.