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    Deposition of light-ash mixed in mined spaces to reduce the impact of undermining on the surface
    An Emsian-Eifelian mixed carbonate-volcaniclastic sequence in Western Ossa-Morena Zone (Odivelas Limestone)
    (Fe,Mn)-(Ti,Sn)-(Nb,Ta) oxide assemblage in a little fractionated portion of a mixed (NYF + LCT) pegmatite from Piława Górna, the Sowie Mts. block, SW Poland
    Garnet provenance in mixed first-cycle and poly-cycle heavy-mineral assemblages of the Ropianka and Menilite formations (Skole Nappe, Polish Flysch Carpathians): constraints from chemical composition ang grain morphology
    Lunar meteorite Northeast Africa 001: An anorthositic regolith breccia with mixed highland/mare components
    Mixed layer minerals in the Banská Štiavnica ore district
    Origin and age of the Pleistocene 'mixed gravels' in the northern foreland of the Carpathians
    Recent functional changes in a mixed residential/industrial area of the Eastern part of the Brno inner city
    Response to Comment on Preconditioning of matrices partitioned in 2 2 block form: Eigenvalue estimates and Schwarz DD for mixed FEM
    Use of Coke from Co-carbonization of Coal with Mixed Plastic Wastes
    Use of Cokes from Co-carbonization of Coal with Mixed Plastic Wastes