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    Contribution of local seismic networks to the regional velocity model of the Bohemian Massif
    Contribution of local seismic networks to the regional velocity model of the Bohemian Massif
    Deformation between African and Eurasian Plate estimated from the European and the Egyptian GPS geodetic networks results from preliminary processing
    Development of Fracture Networks in the Melechov Massif and their Analysis
    Do We Really Need System of Systems and Network of Networks? Searching for Equilibrium
    Estimation of Mining Tremor Occurrence by Using Neural Networks
    The estimation of site velocities of regional geodynamic networks SUDETEN and GEOSUD
    Extrapolation of the Occurrence of Mining Tremors by Application of Neural Networks
    Four GPS permanent observatories and two regional GPS networks for geodynamic studies of the northern part of the Bohemian Massif
    GPS Network "SUDETEN" and Its Relation to the Other GPS Networks in the Sudeten Area
    How risky is our Risk management: dynamical networks Approach
    Immobilization of toxic metals in solidified systems of siloxo-sial networks
    Lithic raw material procurement in the Moravian Neolithic: the search for the extraregional networks
    The localization of fireball trajectories with the help of seismic networks
    Neotectonic development of drainage networks in the East Sudeten Mountains and monitoring of recent fault displacements (Czech Republic)
    On GPS heighting in local networks
    On the solar energetic events, neural networks and forecasts of geomagnetic activity
    Seisbase - principles of a program and database for routine analysis of data from local seismic networks, version 4.7
    Special processing technique for high accuracy gravity data of gravity networks and microgravity
    Strong geomagnetic activity forecast by neural networks under dominant southern orientation of the interplanetary magnetic field
    Ten years of gravimetric monitoring on the points of geodynamic networks in the Sudety Mts.
    Pan European Networks: Science & Technology