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    Chinese tombs oriented by a compass: evidence from paleomagnetic changes versus the age of tombs
    Cyclonic brine-flow pattern recorded by oriented gypsum crystals in the Badenian evaporite basin of the northern Carpathian Foredeep
    EDX analysis of oriented magnetite and superconductive particles in polymer
    The effect of oriented microcracks and crystallographic and shape preferred orientation on bulk elastic anisotropy of a foliated biotite gneiss from Outokumpu
    A general scheme of treatment of black shale samples and some results of X-ray analyses of oriented rock silices
    The Interpolation of the Control surface preparated by the linguistically oriented design
    Linguistically Oriented Fuzzy Logic Control, Its Present Stage and Further Development
    Oriented raindrop impressions; a tool for paleowind reconstructions
    Petrophysical properties and origin of oriented porosity in eclogites with different microstructure
    Pyramids and ceremonial centers in Mesoamerica: were they oriented using a magnetic compass?
    Seisbase 4.6 - A database oriented program for routine multi-station local seismogram analysis
    Some experience with safety oriented rockslope monitoring
    Volume balancing in ductile shear zones by the quantification of accessory zircon in oriented thin sections