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    Ecology and facial relation of some groups of triassic foraminifers and ostracods of stratigraphic importance
    Isotopic composition (O, C, Sr, and Nd) and trace element ratios (Sr/Ca, Mg/Ca) of Miocene marine and brackish ostracods from North Alpine Foreland deposits (Germany and Austria) as indicators for palaeoclimate
    Lower Miocene freshwater ostracods and gastropods from the Chomutov area of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Lower Miocene freshwater ostracods from the Merkur-North open-cast mine (Most Basin, northern Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Ostracods in the Palaeozoic?
    Rare myodocopid ostracods from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) strata of Vértes Foreland (NW-Hungary)
    A review of the Carboniferous colonisation of non-marine environments by ostracods