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    Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project 2003-2010
    The effect of oriented microcracks and crystallographic and shape preferred orientation on bulk elastic anisotropy of a foliated biotite gneiss from Outokumpu
    Extracting GST history from geothermal logs in a complicated structure in Outokumpu, Eastern Finland
    Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole
    Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole, Finland: Vertical variation in heat flow and palaeoclimatic implications
    Palaeoclimate and structure: the most important factors controlling subsurface temperatures in crystalline rocks. A case history from Outokumpu, Eastern Finland
    Sulfur isotope values in the Talvivaara Ni-Cu-Zn and Outokumpu Cu-Co-Zn-Ni-Ag-Au deposits: Evidence for a genetic connection between black shale and sulfide ore