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    An attempt of palaeogeographical reconstructions of rotliegend (Lower Permian) basins in Central Europe on the basis of new palaeocontinental maps
    Magnetic susceptibility and gamma-ray spectrometric logs across the Basal Choteč event (Middle Devonian) in different palaeogeographical settings from the perigondwanan terranes (Prague Synform, Barrandian Area), Laurussia (Central Great Basin, Nevada) and Central Asia terranes (South Tien-Shan): a reflection of global palaeoclimatic change?
    Middle Telychian (upper Llandovery, Silurian) graptolites from boreholes of northwestern Libya: Their biostratigraphic significance and palaeogeographical implication
    New occurrence of the Ordovician eocrinoid Cardiocystes: Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological implications
    Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological aspects of the Cambro-Ordovician radiation of echinoderms in Gondwanan Africa and peri-Gondwanan Europe
    Palaeogeographical controls on the Cambrian trilobite immigration and evolutionary patterns reported in the western Gondwana margin
    Petrophysical record of the Middle Devonian Basal Choteč event in different palaeogeographical settings (Perigondwanan Perunica microcontinent, Laurussia and Zeravshan-Gissar Mountain Region in Cewntral Asia: a reflection of global palaeoclimatic changes?
    Upper Silurian fossils of Bohemian type from NW Spain and their palaeogeographical significance