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    The Early Upper Palaeolithic Fauna from Stránská Skála
    Hunters between East and West. The Palaeolithic of Moravia
    Hunting and utilization of game in Palaeolithic culturres
    The Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Game Suite in Central and Southeastern Europe
    Miocene invertebrates from the Palaeolithic (Gravettian - Pavlovian, Kostenkian) archaeological sites of Pavlovian Hills (Southern Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Dolní Věstonice: autopodium analysis of the Palaeolithic population
    Dolní Věstonice:autopodium analysis of the Palaeolithic population.
    A geometric approach to cranial sexual dimorphism in fossil skulls from Předmostí (Upper Palaeolithic, Czech Republic)
    A Middle Pleistocene palaeolithic site at Usť-Izhul', Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Siberia
    Palaeolithic occupation in the Angara region, East Central Siberia, in the context of Pleistocene climate change
    Palaeolithic occupation of the Mokrá Plateau
    Palaeolithic people and Moravian Caves
    Pavlov VI: an Upper Palaeolithic living unit
    Pavlov VI: an Upper Palaeolithic living unit
    Pleistocene environments and palaeolithic occupation of the Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Krasnoyarsk region
    Sediments of Biśnik Cave (Poland): Lithology and stratigraphy of the Middle Palaeolithic site
    Shape analysis of sexual dimorphism in Upper Palaeolithic skulls from Předmostí (Czech Republic)