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    ATM Technology Users Symposium with International participation. ATMTU '99. Symposium proceedings
    9. Czechoslovak Spectroscopic Conference with International Participation
    9. Czechoslovak Spectroscopic Conference with International Participation. Abstracts
    Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics Technical University of Košice 1969-1994. Scientific Conference with International Participation. Mathematics
    NANOCON 2009 - 1st Conference with International Participation
    Regional Conference with international participation "Seismology and Engineering Geophysics - Past, Present and Future"
    Underground Constructions in the Third Millennium. Proceedings of the Third National Conference of underground constructions with international participation
    Participation of the Analytical Laboratory of the Czech Geological Survey in the INCO-Copernicus Project
    To research of pseudokarst : (5th Pseudokarst Symposium with International participation)