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    Abstract to the International Specialist Workshop on 'Long-term Performance of Smectitic Clays Embedding Canisters with Highly Radioactive Waste': Mineralogical and structural changes in bentonite barrier within Mock-Up-CZ experiment
    Frontiers of High Performance Computing and Networking - ISPA 2006 Workshops
    High performance computing in seismic modelling
    Long-term performance of smectitic clays embedding canisters with highly radioactive waste
    The proceeding of the lectures High Performance Computing in Geoenvironmental Engineering
    TopFuel 2012: Reactor Fuel Performance
    An analysis of the stress fields induced by mining with application of parallel high performance computing
    An application of parallel high performance computing in geomechanics
    Corrosion performance of aluminium in European atmospheres
    The fining performance under the influence of physico-chemical parameters
    High performance computing in micromechanics
    Improvement of disk cutters performance in the excavation of small tunnels
    Modulated vs. continuous jets: Performance comparison
    Parallel High Performance Computing on Composite Grids
    Properties and performance of polysiloxane-derived ceramic matrix in heat resistant composites reinforced with R-glass or fine ceramic fibres
    Space Decomposition Solvers and Their Performance in PC-Based Parallel Computing Environments
    Ultrasonically Modulated Pulsed Water Jets: Effect of Frequency on Performance
    Ultrasonically modulated pulsed water jets: Effect of frequency on performance