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    9,10-bis(chlormethyl)anthracene - curing agent of coal tar pitch
    Carbon - Carbon Composite With Coal Tar Pitch Based Matrixand Simplified Manufacturing Method
    Carbon fibre reinforced composites based on resin and pitch matrix precursors
    Carbon/carbon composites based on a polyimide matrix with coal tar pitch
    Carbonization of coal-tar pitch dehydrogenated by sulphur
    Chemical changes in mesophase pitch by heat treatment
    Coal-tar Pitch and Dihydroanthracene Co-carbonisation from View of Multi-layer Complex formation
    Determination of Statistical Sizes of Anisotropic Optical Textures in Pitch Cokes
    Determination of statistical sizes of anisotropic optical textures in pitch cokes
    Influence of Chemical Changes of the Isotropic Matrix on Physical Properties of Mesophase Pitch
    Influence of laminar flow on structural preorientation of coal tar pitch: Raman microspectroscope study
    Possibility of densification of carbon-carbon composites with coal tar pitch using microwave heating
    The possibility of impregnating C/C composites with pitch using microwawe energy
    Relation between texture and rheological properties of mesophase pitch