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    1st European congress on regional geological cartography and information systems. Geological cartography and information systems for land and environmental planning in European Regions. Bologna (Italia), Palazzo dei Congressi, June 13-16, 1994
    Challenges and Choices in Physical Planning and Development - Central and Eastern Europe in the Nineties
    Geology and the Environment, an International Manual in Three Volumes. Volume III, Geology an Land-Use Planning
    Geology and the Environment, an International Manual in Three Volumes. Volume III, Geology and Land-Use Planning
    Instability - Planning and Management
    Land use planning policy for minerals in Improving framewor conditions for extracting minerals for EU - Exchanging best practice on land use planning, permitting and geological knowledge sharing
    Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 1997
    Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 2004
    MPES 2005 and CAMI 2005. Proceedings of the fourteenth international symposium on mine planning and equipment selection (MPES 2005) and fifth international conference on computer applications in the minerals industries (CAMI 2005)
    Assessment of wind turbines impact on landscape character and landscape planning
    Complex hazard susceptibility zoning for effective landuse planning and catastroph prevention in developing countries
    Critical loads for acidity in North Bohemia - landscape-ecological consequences and basic planning issues
    Floods and other natural hazards in regional and investment planning of small towns
    Landslide risk analysis and its application in regional planning: an example from the highlands of the Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
    Mine Planning and Equipment Selection
    The problems with an identification of the abandoned dumps and a possible impact of their existence on landscape and area planning
    Salzburg Congress of Urban Planning and Development