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    Anisotropy in a vicinity of a borehole from the qP wave slowness and polarization
    Induced polarization time and frequency characteristics
    Local inversion for anisotropy from qP-wave slowness and polarization vectors
    Measuring the dynamic parameters of induced polarization
    Polarization characteristics of standing wave electromagnetic fields at the ionospheric Alfvén resonator lower harmonics: altitude profiles
    Polarization diagrams of rockbursts from Ostrava-Karviná district
    Polarization diagrams of rockbursts from the Ostrava-Karviná District
    Polarization of plane waves in viscoelastic anisotropic media
    Polarization, phase velocity, and NMO velocity of qP-waves in arbitraty weakly anisotropic media
    Possibilities and limitation of the induced polarization method in central gradient electrode array
    The scope and limitation of borehole induced polarization technique in ore prospecting
    The stability of isothermal and natural remanent magnetic polarization under elastic deformation of rocks