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    Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice VIII. Anthropological and epidemiological characterization of Great-Moravian population in connection with the social and economic structure.
    Biological Diversity of Non-metric Traits in the Great Moravian Population - the Comparison of the Mikulčice Power Centre and its Hinterland.
    Comparison of hot and cold spell effects on cardiovascular mortality in individual population groups in the Czech Republic
    Consequences of post-war ethnically based population exchange in the Czech borderland for the regional development
    Dolní Věstonice: autopodium analysis of the Palaeolithic population
    Dolní Věstonice:autopodium analysis of the Palaeolithic population.
    Fossilization of nanobes studied by transmission electron microscopy and constraints related to their population - Recent and Late Quaternary reefbanks (San Salvador Island, The Bahamas; Heron Island, Australia
    Harris Lines in the Non-adult Great Moravian Population from Mikulčice - the Comparison of Inhabitants of the Castle and Sub-castle Area.
    Harris Lines in the Non-adult Great-Moravian Population of Mikulčice (Czech Republic).
    The Health Status of the Early Medieval Population of Greater Moravia in relation to social and economic structures.
    The incidence of Harris lines in the non-adult Great Moravian population of Mikulčice (Czech Republic) with reference to social position
    The influence of climate and population size on the distribution of breeding dates in the red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio)
    Perception of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant by local population
    Population Development in the Ostrava Region: Some Aspects and Current Trends
    Proximal Femur Bone Density of the Great Moravian Population from Mikulčice Evaluated by Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry.
    Reliable Sex Determination Based on Skeletal Remains for the Early Medieval Population of Great Moravia (9th-10th Century).
    Stature of the Great Moravian Population in Connection with Social Status.