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    Acquisition of Raman spectra of amino acids using portable instruments: Outdoor measurements and comparison
    Application of portable Raman instruments for fast and non-destructive detection of minerals on outcrops
    Calibration of portable gamma-ray spectrometers using facilities in Czechoslovakia and Cuba
    Determination of 222Rn and 220Rn by portable emanometers
    Discrimination of zeolites and beryllium containing silicates using portable Raman spectroscometric equipment with near-infrared excitation
    Evaluation of portable Raman spectrometer with 1064 nm excitation for geological and forensic applications
    Fast detection of sulphate minerals (gypsum, anglesite, baryte) by a portable Raman spectrometer
    Raman spectra of nitrogen-containing organic compounds obtained in high altitude sites using a portable spectrometer: Possible application for remote robotic Titan studies
    Raman spectra of nitrogen-containing organic compounds obtained using a portable instrument at-15 degrees C at 2860 m above sea level
    Raman spectra of organic acids obtained using a portable instrument at-5 degrees C in a mountain area at 2000 m above sea level
    Rapid outdoor non-destructive detection of organic minerals using a portable Raman spectrometer
    Testing a portable Raman instrument: The detection of biomarkers in gypsum powdered matrix under gypsum crystals
    Using portable Raman spectrometers for the identification of organic compounds at low temperatures and high altitudes: exobiological applications