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    2nd Alexander von Humboldt International Conference on the Role of Geophysics in Natural Disaster Prevention
    International scientific-technical symposium Rockbursts 2002. Research and prevention systems. Proceedings
    Complex hazard susceptibility zoning for effective landuse planning and catastroph prevention in developing countries
    Groundwater-Quality Monitoring - Effective Method of Hydrogeological System Pollution Prevention
    Intense rockburst impacts in deep underground constructions and their prevention
    New recommendations in the area of prediction and prevention of rock and gas outbursts in the Czech Republic
    Portal of Geohazards in the Czech Republic - Information Services for Disaster Prevention. 19.-22.1.2009, Prague
    Seismic monitoring and rockburst prevention in geomechanical practice
    Seismic monitoring for rockburst prevention in the Ostrava-Karviná Coalfield, Czech Republic
    System of Rock Blasting in Boreholes Diameter more than 100 mm as a Rockburst Prevention Measure
    A system of rock burst prevention in Czechoslovakia