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    Manufacturing Science and Engineering 1994. 1, New Product Introduction - Measurement and Inspection of Products and Processes - Non-Traditional Manufacturing Processes in the 1990s.
    Burd Gol granite Massif as a typical product of the Late Cambrian post-orogenic magmatism in the SE part of the Lake Zone, Gobi Altay, SW Mongolia
    Continuous pyrolysis of carbonaceous materials with model gasification of the solid product
    DAG 391 meteorite as a product of basaltic volcanism on asteroid (4)Vesta
    Hydrogen - the product of coal thermal conversion
    Hydrogen-rich gas as a product of two-stage co-gasification of lignite/waste mixtures
    Hydrogeological aspects of agrochemical warehouse reconstruction to an oil product warehouse and its monitoring
    Indentation pits: a product of incipient slip on joints with a mesotopography
    Indentation pits: a product of incipient slip on joints with a mesotopography
    Nontronite as the weathering product in the rocks of Sitno effusive complex in Pukanec region
    Nontronite from Špičák Hill near Teplá: Product of the late magmatic alteration of trachyte
    P-rich muscovite granites - latest product of two-mica granites fractionation in the South Bohemian Pluton
    The Ševětín astrobleme - product of an impact, tectonic style or cryptovolcanism?
    Use of smectite-zeolite alteration product of rhyolitic ignimbrite from Puertas Viehas (Nicaragua) in the manufacture of tiles