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    ESF EUROPROBE Meeting. Joint Meeting of Europrobe Tesz, Timpebar, Uralides and SW-Iberia projects. EUROPROBE Neoproterozoic-Early Palaeozoic Time-Slice Symposium: Orogeny and Cratonic Response on the Margins of Baltica. Abstracts
    Europrobe (TESZ) and PACE Projects Abstracts Volume
    Geological Engineering Problems in Major Construction Projects
    The Impact of Water Management Projects on the Hydrogeological and Engineering-Geological Conditions of the Lithosphere
    Joint Meeting Europrobe (TESZ) and PACE Projects
    Joint Meeting of Europrobe (TESZ) and PACE Projects
    AL:PE Projects : Acidification of Mountain Lakes: Palaeolimnology and Ecology. AL:PE 2. Remote Mountain Lakes as Indicators of Air Pollution and Climate Change
    Application of magnetic susceptibility as a paleoclimatic proxy on Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and characterization of the magnetic signal - IGCP-580 projects and event
    Development projects for the Karlovy Vary District part of the cross-border Czech-Bavarian Geopark
    Environmental projects of the State Geological Survey and the impact of mining on the environment
    Projects ALP 2002 and SUDETES 2003 - Continuation of 3D Refraction Seismic Experiments in Central Europe
    World coalbed methane projects