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    4th European conference on Protection against radon at home and at work
    5th Conference on Protection Against Radon at Home and at Work
    Fourth Internat. Sym. on landslide Risk Mitigation and Protection of Cultural and natural heritage and the ICL
    A Geochemical and Mineralogical Approach to Environmental Protection. Proceedings of the International school Earth and planetary sciences
    Proceedings of the International Seminar on Environmental Protection by the Use of Geothermal Energy, Zakopane, Poland, 13-18 September, 1993
    Protection of mechanical systems in the mining industry against the impact of high energy
    Public recreation and landscape protection - with man and hand in hand? Conference proceedings
    SGEM 2008. International Scientfic Conference /8./. Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection
    SGEM 2009: 9TH International multidisciplinary scientific geoconference, vol 1, Conference proceedings - Modern management of mine producing, geology and environmental protection
    SGEM 2009. International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference /9./ - Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geology and Environmental Protection. Conference Proceedings
    Third Eurosymposium on Protection against Radon - Proceedings
    Výskum, využívanie a ochrana jaskýň (Research, utilization and protection of caves), Program, Abstrakty referátov a exkurzný sprievodca, 4. vedecká konferencia s medzinárodnou účasťou
    Workshop on occupational safety and environmental protection in the underground coal-mining industry
    XXIII Days of radiation protection
    Biological protection of groudwater from nitrate polliution
    Caves and nature protection: history and perspectives of mutual cooperation between Institute of Geology ASCR in Prague and Museum
    Contamination and Protection of Fissure-karst Waters in Slovakia (Czechoslovakia)
    Ecological, Economical and Social Aspects of Groundwater Protection
    Formation and Role of Gel Fractions in the Corrosion Layer of Zirconium Cladding as the First-stage Protection of the Nuclear Power Plant Fuel
    Formation and role of gel fractions in the corrosion layer of zirconium cladding as the first-stage protection of the nuclear power plant fuel
    Geodiversity - a neglected aspect of nature and landscape protection
    Geodynamics in study and protection of archaeological monuments: Castle of Giants, Czech Republic, and Machu Picchu, Peru
    Groudwater protection from agricultural pollution with regard to the czechoslovak law
    Groundwater development, management and protection at regional scale: the Police basin (Czech Republic)
    Groundwater protection strategy and policy
    Identification of floodplain elements suitable for use in integrated flood protection using hydromorphological mapping. Case study: upper Opava River basin (Czech Republic)
    Impacts of brown coal mining on the water-bearing system of the Sokolov coal basin with aspects of Karlovy Vary thermal springs protection
    Kokořínsko Protected Landscape area : rare species, protection and conservation
    Landscape-use Optimisation with Regards to Groundwater Protection Resources in Hard Rock Mountain Areas (LOWRGREP); some results from an European research program (5th PCRD).
    Mid-European Nature, its development, protection and perspectives. Contributions of the interdisciplinary workshop
    The new concept of the regulation for healt and safety protection of operation in mines with rock burst hazard
    Non-metallics and environmental protection
    The present stage of protection of volcanic natural monuments in Czech Republic
    Protection of the geological monuments of Prague
    Protection of thermal springs in a region of brown - coal opencast mining
    Protection of thermal water sources in Janské Lázně in the relation to Janský fault and occurence of carbonate rocks
    Quantitative aspects of groundwater protection zones in the Czech Republic
    Radon program - a part of the environmental protection program in the Czech Republic
    Relief of the Podyjí National Park and geomorphic aspects of its protection (Czech Republic)
    The role of groundwater quality monitoring in the strategy of groundwater protection
    Some trace elements in coal of the Czech Republic, environment and health protection implications
    Some trace elements in coal of the Czech Republic, environment and health protection implications.
    Radiation Protection Dosimetry