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    Book of abstracts - Seventh international symposium Natural Radiation Environment
    Conference abstracts - XXII Days of radiation hygiene
    Seventh International Symposium Natural Radiation Environment (NRE-VII). Book of abstracts
    Stop E1-6: Ludlow and early Přídolí succession at Mušlovka Quarry near Řeporyje; early Ludfordian radiation and the effect of the Ludfordian extinction events in the shallow-water carbonate succession
    XXII. Days of Radiation Hygiene
    XXIII Days of radiation protection
    Ambiguous moment tensors and radiation patterns in anisotropic media with applications to the modeling of earthquake mechanisms in W-Bohemia
    Causes of glacial periods relations between the intensity of corpuscular radiation and the fundamental types of atmospheric circulation
    Far field radiation patterns in anisotropic media
    First steps towards the remote detection of radiation resistant life forms
    Innovations in gastropod ontogeny and larval strategy during the Ordovician radiation
    Nonisotropic radiation of the 2013 North Korean nuclear explosion
    Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological aspects of the Cambro-Ordovician radiation of echinoderms in Gondwanan Africa and peri-Gondwanan Europe
    Point source radiation in anisotropic structures
    Point source radiation in anisotropic structures
    Point source radiation in inhomogeneous anisotropic structures
    Temperature, precipitation and solar radiation, hole GFU-1 in years 1996-96
    Use of microwave radiation for surface waters analysis
    Radiation Protection Dosimetry