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    6th International Conference Acid Rain 2000
    7th International Conference Acid Rain 2005 Abstracts (eds. Hunová I. et al.)
    7th International Conference on Acid Deposition ?ACID RAIN 2005?, Prague, Czech Republic, June 12-17, 2005, Conference Abstract, Eds. Hůnová, I., Ostatnická, J., Dostálová, Z., Navrátil, T
    8th Acid Rain 2011 Conference Abstracts
    Acid rain - deposition to recovery
    Acid Rain - Deposition to Recovery
    Acid Rain 2000 - Proceedings from the 6th International Conference on Acid Deposition: looking back to the past and thinking of the future, Tsukuba, Japan, 10-16 December 2000, Volume III/III
    Acid Rain 2005, 7th International Conference on Acid Deposition. Conference Abstracts
    Acid Rain Research: Do we have enough answers?
    Acid Snow and Rain, Proceedings of International Congress of Acid Snow and Rain 1997, October 6 (Mon)-8 (Wed), 1997, Niigata, Japan
    Experimental Reversal of Acid Rain Effects: The Gardsjön Roof Project
    Acidification and Acid Rain
    Acidification and acid rain
    Chemical composition of rain and lysimetric waters from grasslands with different rates of fertilization
    Organic compounds in rain water
    Pollutant deposition by rain and snow in the Western Sudety mountains
    SO4'' an indicator of the impact of acid rain in the urban environment
    Structure of the mid-Westphalian peat-forming rain forest preserved in volcanic ash from the continental basins of central and western Bohemia
    Sulfur Cycling in Boreal Peatlands: From Acid Rain to Global Climate Change