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    Carbonisation behaviour of some polyimide resins reinforced with carbon fibres
    Fourier transform Raman spectra of Czech and Moravian fossil resins from freshwater sediments
    Laboratory Investigations on Grouting of Polymethane Resins
    Laboratory investigations on grouting of polyurethane resins
    Microporous materials on the basis of carbonizates from phenolformaldehyde Resins
    Microporous Membranes Based on Carbonizates of Phenol Formaldehyde Resins
    Resins and fossil resins
    Strength, elasticity and failure of composites with pyrolyzed matrices based on polymethylsiloxane resins with optimized ratio of D and T components
    Succinite and some other fossil resins in Poland and Europe (deposits, finds, features and differences in IRS)
    Synthesis of curable siloxane and silazane resins and their conversion into nanostructured silicon oxycarbide glasses and foams