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    Earthquake source asymmetry, structural media and rotation effects
    Clasts rotation and nature of strain localozation in thick ultramylonites: the el Pichao shear Zone, NW Argentina.
    Clockwise rotation of the Eastern European Variscides accommodated by dextral lithospheric wrenching: paleomagnetic and structural evidence.
    Considerations on the seismic rotation effects
    Contribution to Variscan Paleoposition and Rotation of the Moravosilesian Zone
    Counterclockwise rotation of paleomagnetic declination derived from Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic sediments in the NW part of the Pannonian Basin
    Influence of Air content on Fluid Celerity in Pipe with and without Rotation
    Late Variscan stress-field rotation initiating escape tectonics in the south-western Bohemian Massif: a far field response to late-orogenic extension
    Miocene Faulting and Block Rotation (Malé Karpaty Mts.,Brezovské Karpaty Mts.)
    Miocene strike-slip faulting and blok rotation in Brezovské Karpaty Mts.(Western Carpathians)
    Paleomagnetic evidence for Variscan paleotectonics rotation of Moravian Devonian rocks
    Paleomagnetic indication for possible CCW rotation of the Bohemian Massif with respect of the rest of stable Europe during Miocene
    Plate movements, earthquakes and variations of the Earth's rotation
    Rotaphone, a mechanical seismic sensor system for field rotation rate measurements and its in situ calibration
    Rotation component of seismic signal
    The rotation of principal axes of stress due to mine induced stresses
    Sources of rotation and twist motions
    Strong-motion fluid rotation seismograph
    Strong motion rotation sensor
    Two Explanations of Curvature in Variscan Orogen of Moravia: Terrane Segmentation With Clockwise Rotation Vs. Strong Effect of the Moravian Shear Zone
    Variations in the Earth´s rotation and crustal deformations