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    EURORURAL´14 - European countryside within the post-industrial society - Books of astracts of the 4th Moravian conference on Rural Research
    Multifunctional Rural Development
    Multifunctional Rural Development
    New Rural Spaces : Towards Renewable Energies, Multifunctional Farming, and Sustainable Tourism
    New Rural Spaces. Towards renewable energies, multifunctional farming and sustainable tourism
    Abandoned waste dumps and recent waste management in ruralvillages of south Moravia (Bulhary, Hlohovec, Lednice andValtice). Rural Geography and Environment. Rural Geography and Environment
    The course of transformation in marginal rural regioins: The basin of middle Dyje river - a case study
    Development of a tool for managing groundwater resources in semi-arid hard rock regions: application to a rural watershed in South India
    Does rural space benefit from location of anaerobic digestion plants? Perspective of communal administration
    Framework for utilizing angling as a tourism development tool in rural areas
    Heat- and cold-stress effects on cardiovascular mortality and morbidity among urban and rural populations in the Czech Republic
    New prosperity for rural regions
    Possibilities for the multifunctional development of rural regions in the Czech borderland
    Rural border areas in the Moravian-Silesian Region: social and economic changes after 1990
    Rural borderland of Czechia
    Rural geography and environment
    Small towns as centers of rural micro-regions
    Small towns as centres of rural micro-regions
    Social development of ecologically sensitive rural areas: case studies Moravian Karst (¨Czechia) and Devetashko Plato (Bulgaria)
    South-Moravian Rural Borderland
    Spatial differentation of chosen parliamentary election results in rural areas of the Moravian-Silesian Region
    Urban and Rural Geography in Paris
    Utilization of waters in rural region by anglers - motivation and conflicts
    Rural Studies. Contemporary Changes of Agriculture in East - Central Europe