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    GTR-02 Geological mapping using satellite techniques, 33rd International Geological Congress Oslo 2008, CD-ROM
    Coordinated simultaneous Freja satellite and Niemegk observatory ULF measurements
    Data processing of GNSS observations of the GEONAS network - The NAVSTAR and GLONASS satellite systems and effects of extreme meteorological conditions
    Determination of the geopotential scale factor from TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite altimetry
    Erosional Hazard: Quantification of Soil Erosion Damages Detected by Satellite Images
    Mid-latitude field line resonances from simultaneous measurement of the Freja satellite and the Budkov observatory
    On the target function in combining terrestrial and satellite gravity field data
    Optimization of satellite InSAR techniques for monitoring of subsidence in the surroundings of Karviná mine: Lazy plant
    Satellite altimetry in the Center of Earth Dynamics Research
    Satellite Atlas of the Czech Republic
    Satellite basin of Skyřice near Most and its fossil flora (Miocene)
    Satellite basin of Skyřice near Most and its fossil flora (Miocene)
    Using Multispectral and Superspectral Satellite Imagery for Mapping Mining Related Contaminated Areas in Sokolov and Karlovy Vary Region, Czech Republic
    Wave diagnostics of the outer high-latitude ionosphere under application of numerical simulation of ionospheric filtration to simultaneous, conjugate, ground-based and satellite measurements of PC1 signals