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    Biomass removal will significantly decrease soil base saturation in acidified ecosystems
    Geoelectrics estimating changes in water saturation of the vadose zone
    Impact of precipitation and evapotranspiration to water saturation of landslides in claystones
    Investigation of the triggering factor leading to an increased landsliding in the Czech Republic due to enormous saturation of rock environment
    Modelling of the soil acidification and N saturation in the primeval spuce forest in the Eastern Carpathians
    Nitrogen, organic carbon and sulphur cycling in terrestrial ecosystems: Linking nitrogen saturation to carbon limitation of soil microbial processes
    Nitrogen saturation induced by experimental addition of ammonium nitrate to a forested catchment at Gardsjön, SW Sweden
    Predicting the dependency of a degree of saturation on void ratio and suction using effective stress principle for unsaturated soils
    Saturnin, R language script for application of accesory-mineral saturation models in igneous geochemistry
    Saturnin, R language script for application of accessory-mineral saturation models in igneous geochemistry
    Water saturation and its effect on the self-potential curve