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Klíčové slovo
    First experiences in x-ray diffractometry and scanning electron microscopy of dust sumples from an experimental monitoring network in the North Bohemian brown coal basin
    Identification of magnetic minerals by Scanning Electron Microscope and application of ferrofluid
    Identification of magnetic minerals by scanning electron microscope and application of ferrofluid
    IIdentification of concrete deteriorating minerals by polarizing and scanning electron microscopy
    Magnetic scanning and interpretation of paleomagnetic data from Prague Synform's volcanics
    Optical and scanning electron microscopy of concrete deteriorating minerals of these methods to crisis management.
    Terrestrial laser scanning: a dataframe for multiply research in a pseudokarst area, case study of the lokality Ledové sluje (Ice caves) in the Podyjí National Park, Czech Republic
    Terrestrial laser scanning applied to geomorphological and speleological research of the Locality Ledove sluje (Ice Caves) in Podyji National Park, Czech Republic
    Variability in the sculpture of tektites revealed by scanning electron micrographs