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    A further specimen of Bellerophon scaber (Perner) (Gastropoda) with preserved retractor muscle scars (Silurian, Bohemia)
    Mode of life of Early Devonian Orthonychia protei (Neritimorpha, Gastropoda) inferred from its post-larval shell ontogeny and muscle scars
    Muscle scars and systematic position of the Lower Palaeozoic limpets Archinacella and Barrandicella gen.n. (Mollusca)
    Muscle scars, systematics and mode of life of the Silurian family Drahomiridae (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    Muscle scars, systematics and mode of life of the Silurian Family Drahomiridae (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    The oldest description and illustration of muscle scars in platyceratid gastropods, published by Daniel Oehlert in 1883
    Ontogeny and allometry of brachiopod pedicle muscle scars: testing of reorientation behaviour
    Refractor muscle scars in the Bohemian Silurian bellerophontacean gastropods Belerophon and Bubovicus; a comparison with the muscle scars patterns in the sinuitids and the cyrtonellid tergomyans
    Retractor muscle scars in Gamadiscus (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    A Silurian oncocerid with preserved colour pattern and muscle scars (Nautiloidea)
    Tachloconcha gen.n. and Spirina Kayser, 1889, two additional Lower Palaeozoic gastropods with preserved retractor muscle attachment scars