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    Algorithm of the problem of simulating the total wave field of the geomagnetic pulsation signal within the ionospheric transition layer
    Application of magnetic susceptibility as a paleoclimatic proxy on Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and characterization of the magnetic signal - IGCP-580 projects and event
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    Do extant nearest relatives of thermophile European Cenozoic plant elements reliably reflect climatic signal?
    Dust - atmospherically mediated inputs into sediments: an attempt of geological reappraisal with regard to magnetic susceptibility signal
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    Siliciclastic signal of the variscan orogenesis; Devonian Srbsko formation of central Bohemia
    Siliciclastic termination of the carbonate sequence - signal of Variscan orogeny
    Siliciclastic termination of the carbonate sequence: signal of Variscan orogeny
    A Simple Contactless Conductivity Detector Employing a Medium Wave Radio Integrated Circuit for the Signal Treatment.
    Tertiary vegetation of Europe and its dynamics and climatic signal - new approaches in botany of the past